what strategy do marketing professionals pursue in the face of uncertainty?

The last three years have been punctuated by various health, political, economic and social crises. For companies, this succession of events forces them to constantly readjust their operations. 2023 is still shaping up to be a difficult period, professionals will have to redouble their efforts, and marketers in particular.

Three major challenges await them&nbsp: increasingly personalize the customer experience, achieve business objectives with fewer economic resources, participate in the creation of a more sustainable future.

To learn more about their concerns, priorities and strategies, Salesforce spoke with 6,000 specialists around the world. With this eighth edition of the “Focus on marketing”the global leader in CRM solutions wants to help you make 2023 a success, despite the obstacles.


Succeed in boosting your profitability

In a context of economic slowdown, companies must operate with tighter budgets. For this reason, marketers spend their technology investments sparingly. The main item of expenditure remains advertising (18%), essential to succeed in a hyper-competitive environment where attracting the attention of customers is vital.

Each action implemented must be justified and above all, profitable. To meet this objective, only one solution: to improve the effectiveness of the strategies. To do this, marketers rely on innovations, which customers are fond of. These technological innovations must be implemented with caution: in a climate of concern about the protection of privacy, establishing and maintaining trust with customers remains a priority and a real challenge.

Also, new tactics and methods have been adopted during the pandemic, such as automated workflows. 70% of marketing teams see this as a long-term asset. The same is true for investments in digital experiences (69%) or new product delivery options (68%).

To find out more about the innovations implemented by marketers to meet the major challenges awaiting them and boost their profitability, simply download the free Salesforce guide.


Rethinking its use of data

If evolving in a tense economic context is already a challenge, it is not the only one that awaits marketers in 2023. Indeed, the clock is ticking and the end of third-party cookies is coming soon. It is therefore more than ever necessary to rethink its use of data and to rely on new sources of data, essential to offer an ever more personalized experience to customers.

However, 75% of marketers still rely on third-party data. Despite everything, 68% say they have succeeded in fully defining their strategy for moving away from these sources. Some manage to encourage their customers to enter their data (zero-party) to offer an individualized experience. In this whitepaper, Salesforce walks you through other steps marketers are taking to prepare for privacy changes. Something to inspire you!

The reading of this guide will also allow you to understand how marketers are leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) to scale up their efforts. 88% of them use it to personalize the customer journey across all channels. They also use it to automate interactions with buyers, integrate automatic data, improve customer segmentation…

Importantly, however, despite the amount of time they spend online, 43% of consumers prefer non-digital channels. So that underscores an important use case for AI: creating a seamless experience both online and offline.


Communicating around its values, a necessity for marketers in 2023

Today more than ever, consumers expect organizations to affirm their values, speak out and act on societal and environmental issues. It’s a real necessity, especially when you know that 66% of customers have stopped buying products from a company whose values ​​do not match theirs.

88% of them expect them to be clearly conveyed by brands, which is why marketers are now putting them forward in their strategies. Indeed, 93% of top performers believe that their external communication reflects the company’s values, compared to 87% of mid performers and 70% of low performers. Not sure how to go about it? Do not panic, you can rely on the case study of Salesforce and its environmental campaign #TeamEarth, shared in this white paper.

These are just a few of the trends discussed in the guide. By downloading ityou will discover:

  • The new channels and tactics adopted by marketers to communicate better;
  • How they demonstrate the impact of marketing on their company’s revenue;
  • Collaborative tools to federate remote teams.

In short, Salesforce offers you a true overview of the major dynamics of marketing and how professionals in the sector are preparing for a difficult economic year. After reading this document, you will have a fresh look at the major developments to come as well as advice that can be activated immediately to better navigate in this constantly changing environment and respond, ever more accurately, to customer expectations.


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