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Web3, gaming and e-sport, NFT, great app, responsible influence… During a conference bringing together all the marketing trend words, at the Emarketing Paris trade show on March 29, Le Printemps and Bel told how their brands are positioned on these innovations… and with what business impact.

It’s a “Web3” innovation that made noise. In March 2022, on the occasion of the launch of its new brand identity, Le Printemps announces the launch of a virtual store – and NFTs – a carbon copy of its Haussmann flagship. “THE virtual store is a dreamlike store in which the customer can wander around like in a video gamecontextualizes Morgane Lopes, director of digital marketing and e-commerce at Printemps. The idea was to provide an online experience to unlock an NFT (a non-fungible token, editor’s note) designed.Bold for a brand whose average age of its customers is between 45 and 55? Accustomed to test & learn, the brand did not hesitate long to launch this virtual space which it owns. “We wanted to demystify the world of Web3, by offering a didactic experience to support our customers in their first steps in the metaverse and NFTs. We therefore took the codes and simplified them”, explains Morgane Lopes. An important detail: the clothes sold in the store were not virtual, but physical.

Virtual store and digital fashion : a successful test for Printemps?

The virtual store was built internally, in just 70 days, for a budget of between 50,000 and 80,000 euros. A profitable investment, according to the director of digital marketing and e-commerce at Printemps. “We observed +20% traffic on our website over the period of the operation. We also recruited 85% of omnichannel customers – Printemps customers who bought online for the first time”, shares Morgane Lopes. Other data: 64% of buyers of the virtual store are part of the loyalty program.

On October 5, 2022, the luxury brand unveiled a second brick of its virtual experience – as we already told here. A first collection of digital clothing for humans and pets was launched. This initiative of virtual fashion aims to “recruit a younger clientele and engage them”, comments Morgane Lopes, who unveiled the results of the latest operation, the “digital fashion metalove”. Printemps has decided to offer an exclusive NFT to its customers who have purchased a product from the digital fashion metalove or a product on the Printemps e-commerce site, on February 14, Valentine’s Day. 230 people would be eligible to get this “skin” of a balloon dress to dress up their avatar in Decentraland.

Bel France mixes responsible influence and gaming

If “responsible” influence has been at the heart of the news since the Booba/Berdah war, the Bel group did not wait for the bill aimed at regulating the commercial influence sector to design an influence strategy more ethical. “Our conviction is that influence must be built over the long term and with well-chosen ambassadors who help us bring a meaningful experience to our customers, recalls Malaika Coco, responsible communication and influence manager of BEL France. We work a lot with the Union des marques and the ARPP and have just officially rolled out the responsible influence certification to our influencers.

It is therefore quite natural that one of the flagship brands of the Bel group, Babybel, turned to Doigby, streamer, youtuber and above all host on Twitch, when embarking on gaming to seduce gen Z. L The influencer, who has carried out several operations with the brand, has thus come to support the development of a “Babybel Reloaded” map on Fortnite.

Result of this investment by Babybel in the world of gaming? “The transaction contributed half of the brand’s growth in 2022”, reveals Malaika Coco. 80 million contacts were thus generated.

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