Training in Digital Marketing: all about the EDBS offer

The exciting sector of Digital Marketing offers great career opportunities. It is constantly evolving, giving rise to new professions linked in particular to the digital transformation of organizations. EDBS, a school resolutely turned towards digital, offers training in Digital Data Marketing on its campuses in Lyon, Nantes, Paris, Toulouse and Lille.

Training in Digital Marketing: new challenges to discover at EDBS in Lyon, Nantes, Paris, Toulouse and Lille

Today, in all areas, to better understand the expectations and needs of customers, it is necessary to rely on figures and concrete data. These make it possible to create a personalized and fairer marketing experience, which will bring tangible results for the company in terms of sales or turnover. Thus, it has become crucial to harness the power of data to create an effective marketing strategy!

Digital Marketing

What is Digital Marketing? It brings together all the marketing activities deployed online to enter into a relationship with customers or prospects (i.e. potential customers). This includes in particular websites or blogs, all social networks or digital advertising, referencing or SEO, SEA, etc.

The date

How to define the date? In a broad sense, the term “data” refers to all digital data that can be collected and used. To give you an example, in the sales sector, this can be data such as a customer’s last name, first name or e-mail, but also their purchase information, visit information, preferences in terms of product. Thus, data marketing corresponds to marketing based on the use of this data and on knowledge of the customer. The idea is then to propose a strategy adapted to the information provided by the data. Thus, integrating data learning is a strategic choice in Digital Marketing training. These notions are increasingly used by companies in their strategies.

The collection and processing of mass data provides crucial information to companies on their current and potential customers, the effectiveness of their strategies and their evolution. This data from CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software, which helps to track customers and gather the necessary information, will be collected on the internet with the aim of transforming prospects into customers.

Growing sectors

Digital Marketing remains a very promising sector in terms of career development. It has become essential to boost business sales. Young graduates in Digital Marketing are highly sought-after profiles on the job market for their mastery of key skills and new techniques. As a result, many companies offer them high salaries. On average, a beginner can claim a salary of 36,000 to 45,000 euros gross annually.

What training to work in Digital Marketing?

The new jobs in Digital Marketing and Data accessible after a course at EDBS Lyon, Nantes, Paris, Toulouse and Lille?

After a master’s degree in Digital and Data Marketing, the opportunities are varied. Here are some examples of jobs accessible after training in Digital Marketing at EDBS in Lyon, Nantes, Lille, Paris and Toulouse.

digital project manager

Within a company or an agency, a digital project manager manages all operations related to Digital Marketing and webmarketing. It is in a way a conductor having to control all the stages of the realization of a web project. He can thus manage the construction of a website, the launch of a digital communication campaign, the purchase of sponsored articles or the creation of digital content. Organization and versatility are essential qualities for this type of position.

SEO referrer

The SEO referrer is in charge of natural or paid referencing on search engines. It’s SEO search engine optimization). Thanks to specific techniques, he implements editorial and marketing strategies to increase the visibility of a website or a company on search engines such as Google. It is a constantly evolving profession that combines several skills: marketing expertise and commercial fiber, as well as web writing techniques.

web designer

The web designer is the person in charge of the visual identity of a website and its ergonomics. He thus creates all the graphic elements of the site (visuals, banners, etc.) according to precise specifications and adapted to the targeted target.

data analyst

A data analyst is responsible for collecting, but above all for analyzing and interpreting all of a company’s data. Based on these, he issues relevant recommendations for the company’s activity and strategy. To achieve this, the data analyst must master numbers and statistics, as well as very technical languages ​​and tools such as SQL, a complex web language linked to databases.

What do EDBS Digital Marketing training courses in Lyon, Nantes, Paris, Toulouse or Lille consist of?

Complete training in Digital Marketing

EDBS trains professionals Digital Marketing able to understand and support the digital transformation of companies in all its dimensions, whether strategic, technical or operational. We therefore learn to master all the digital levers that integrate these new strategies in Digital Marketing. The lessons are numerous and varied in order to offer students a global vision of accessible professions.

In the program :

  • UX Design
  • web analytics
  • Advertisement
  • E-reputation
  • Brand content
  • Learning SEO techniques such as SEO & SEA
  • SEO for websites
  • Management of advertising campaigns via Google Ads

Students also learn data collection and analysis techniques, which are now key skills. Finally, they can take courses in programming languages ​​such as HTML, JavaScript and PHP in order to be able to develop a website.

A Bachelor’s degree specializing in Digital Marketing and Data

THE EDBS Digital and Data Marketing Bachelor is a complete course in three years. Students learn to master all the new Digital Marketing practices and trends: advertising, e-reputation, brand content, omnichannel strategy, etc. The courses provided are diversified, with lessons that are both technical (Community Management, influence, statistics and data analytics) and managerial (project management, strategy, competition analysis), but also workshops aimed at learning soft-skills, Digital Marketing tools and decision making. Are offered, for example, the practice of negotiation or eloquence and language courses. English also occupies a large place in the teaching offer of EDBS.

From the web to mobile applications and social networks, the program is complete! Students develop technical skills and acquire know-how that they put into practice during their internships (in initial training) or their work-study program. This time spent in business promotes better integration into the labor market once they have graduated.

Continue with the Master’s in Digital Marketing and Data Management from EDBS

THE Master’s in Digital Marketing and Data from EDBS gives its students all the keys to becoming qualified Digital Marketing professionals, able to make the most of the full potential of data. The latter will thus be able to support the digital transformation of companies in all its dimensions, whether strategic, technical or operational.

Training in Digital Marketing: focus on the EDBS campuses of Lyon, Nantes, Paris, Toulouse and Lille

Pedagogy and innovation

There EDBS pedagogy is based on the concept of learning by doing emphasizing practice and action. Immersed in concrete web marketing projects, Bachelor and Master students at EDBS naturally acquire the curiosity, agility and posture required to evolve in this competitive field. Putting students in a situation and making them aware of professional issues allows them to train effectively for their future professions. The school thus trains qualified project managers, ready to take up all the challenges in business, and whose profiles are adapted to the job market.

Expert teachers

EDBS teachers are qualified professionals and entrepreneurs. They were chosen for their expertise and experience in Digital Marketing and Data analysis. Motivated and pedagogical, they share their skills with the students and are available to support them throughout the year.

EDBS campuses

In order to train students throughout France, EDBS has set up its campuses in Lyons, Nantes, Paris, Toulouse And Lille. Common point ? All these cities are renowned for their vibrant student life and their economic dynamism.

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