top 5 professions that recruit the most in work-study

Work-study training is reputed to be the royal road to employment. In addition to training in the reality of the field, it allows learners to familiarize themselves with a vocabulary and a methodology, and to get a better idea of ​​a profession. Marketing and communication are no exception! Moreover, schools are adapting and now offer many specialized work-study courses, for fans of marketing and communication.

But then what are the most coveted jobs? The J’ai un pote dans la com team presents to you the top 5 of the most well-funded work-study jobs in marketing and communication.

1. The Web Developer or Polyglot

The web developer holds the first place on the podium of the most sought-after professions in the digital world. On all fronts, the full stack developer must have skills in front-end, back-end, architecture… In short, the Internet has no secrets for him.

Generally, they are very versatile profiles, real Swiss Army knives who know how to handle all the programming tools to perfection. The missions assigned to the web developer are never the same, so there is no chance that he will be bored in his daily life. Indeed, it goes through the creation of software, websites, but also applications, while writing and creating computer codes.

In numbers, a junior developer earns an average of $35,000 gross per year in their first few years. With time and experience, the annual income is around €55,000 gross.

To achieve this objective, it is necessary to go through a training course over 5 years, with a computer science BTS followed by a work-study engineering school to work on employability as well as possible.

2. The Community manager, a 5-legged sheep

A real social media magnate, the community manager or social media manager must be able to combine several missions. Indeed, with his eyes riveted on his screen, he juggles perfectly between marketing, brand-consumer relations, business development and the internal communication of a brand.

In symbiosis with client requirements, he adapts to the editorial line to be followed, ensures the moderation of exchanges and is capable of managing a crisis situation. Having an irreproachable e-reputation is essential. This is why it is essential to federate a neat and attractive brand image by playing with the values ​​of a company to increase its popularity. From TikTok to Facebook, via Instagram and LinkedIn, the social media manager masters the production processes of all formats (writing, photos, videos, etc.). All with a flawless general and digital culture!

On average, a community manager can earn €35,000 gross per year depending on their level of experience. The salary varies over the years, but also according to the size of the company.

In terms of training, the position of community manager is accessible on a work-study basis, in particular thanks to universities, journalism schools, digital marketing, but also IAE & IEP.

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3. UX designer, responsible for customer experience

Third on the podium of the most sought-after work-study jobs, the expert UX/UI designer, or guarantor of the effectiveness of the user journey, must truly think as if he were the customer in all circumstances. He has a great sense of observation in order to make a web interface ever more ergonomic and intuitive.

Aude Farez Merloni, Head of the International Luxury Marketing specialization within theIstec ; precise : “While retail, all sectors combined, is working on continuous improvement on the customer experience, digital is no exception and it is urgent to rethink contact with the brand, remotely. »

Thus, through surveys, in-depth studies or even interviews, the UX designer designs and produces prototypes to improve the daily visitor experience. Empathetic and vigilant, he must above all be able to react quickly in the interest of consumers.

“Digital is a relay for retail. The problem is therefore to offer the customer an extension of the brand universe, of the experience lived in the store. Digital then becomes the gateway to the universe of the latter, it is therefore urgent to know how to transpose the values ​​of the brand, its specificities and its DNA to offer the customer a contact as qualitative and an experience as rich as its well-established competitors », explains Aude Farez Merloni. She concludes: “UX design then becomes essential to the dynamics of the offer, allowing all brands to coexist on the web, regardless of their strike force. »

With skills in graphic design, marketing and layout rules, the UX designer adapts to developments in the digital sector. For junior profiles, the annual salary is estimated at around €30,000 gross per year. With experience and more important missions, the remuneration reaches 50,000 € gross per year.

This position has no specific training, however the digital, multimedia and 100% IT courses make it possible to achieve this kind of job. Generally, it is recommended to carry out 5 years of study with alternation for a total knowledge of the trade.

4. The Data scientist, specialist in analysis

Placed in fourth position, the profession of Data scientist is one of the digital marketing professionals that recruiters are snapping up. It is highly coveted for its capabilities in data processing and exploitation. Strategically and efficiently, it classifies information from raw data, with the objective of increasing a company’s turnover.

Aude Farez Merloni, Head of the International Luxury Marketing specialization at Istec, explains: “It is essential to surround yourself with a digital specialist, mastering the different consumer behaviors, who will allow the brand to penetrate the market. » She adds : “If we consider that 50% of purchases by Generation Z are made online compared to 30% for all other generations (Source: Odexa study for Fevad, 2022), all segments combined, we understand that the digital is at the heart of the purchasing process of tomorrow’s consumers. Similarly, while 90% of the population is now open to online consumption, natives of Generation Z are 97% so, for reasons of practicality but also out of conviction. Hence the importance of studying their different behaviors to better reach them and retain them. »

As a junior data analyst, the salary fluctuates between €35,000 and €40,000 per year. After 4 years of experience, he could exceed €50,000 gross per year.

For enthusiasts of digital processing tools and figures, it is necessary to complete a 5-year training course in an engineering school with a specialty in statistics. Some university courses offer specific work-study training to sharpen skills from the first years of study.

5. SEO Consultant, SEO Master

An essential player in the life of a website, the natural referencing officer or SEO consultant has a single objective: to become Google’s best friend.

To optimize the visibility and traffic of a website, it must be placed at the top of the list on search engines. It is therefore the role of this responsible for natural referencing, who must know all the workings and secrets of SEO. It must be able to achieve its objectives while satisfying both Internet users and robots (“crawlers”) that filter web pages to assess quality.

At the start of a career, the annual salary starts between €25,000 and €30,000 gross per year. With experience, the annual remuneration quickly reaches 40,000 € gross annually.

The SEO consultant can be trained through digital schools that offer continuing education or work-study courses over 5 years.

“If you enjoy working in web agencies or in large groups, this SEO consultant role is totally made for you. The big difference being the involvement in very diverse projects and universes, in the first case, or in the search for constant improvements in positioning in search engine results, in the second case”testifies Yves SOULABAIL, Teacher-researcher at Istec Paris.

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