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Sendinblue is a French digital marketing solution that allows you to build relationships with your customers through marketing campaigns on different channels: emails, SMS, Facebook, chat, CRM… It also allows you to create and send campaigns on Whatsapp. In its latest guide, Sendinblue details the advantages of this channel, and gives us all the keys to successful and effective campaigns.

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Definition of a WhatsApp campaign

In the first part of its guide, Sendinblue recalls what a WhatsApp campaign is. It is a promotional message sent individually to several people. This message can be used to engage your prospects, develop your relationship, or convert them into customers.

WhatsApp campaigns are like email campaigns subject to the GDPR. The contacts to whom you send the campaigns must have explicitly given their authorization. These are therefore 100% opt-in campaigns as can be done on other channels.

Among the specificities of WhatsApp campaigns, these must be approved by Meta, so that the platform can ensure the relevance of the content transmitted. To send campaigns, you will necessarily have to go through a Business account on WhatsApp (not through your personal account, therefore, nor via the WhatsApp Business application) and connect it to a provider such as Sendinblue. Campaigns cannot be sent natively, they must necessarily be created and sent via a service provider.

As a reminder, WhatsApp Business Platform is an API, so you have to go through a third-party solution to access it.

The benefits of WhatsApp campaigns

WhatsApp is still little used in marketing campaigns, yet this channel offers many advantages:

  • A strong international audience: WhatsApp has over 2 billion users in 180 countries. The application is particularly widely used in many emerging markets, and it is very popular in India, Brazil, Indonesia, or Mexico. In France, the application has 20.8 million users.
  • A high engagement rate : unlike email, WhatsApp messages are read a lot, and very quickly. 80% are consulted within 5 minutes, and the opening rate is 98% with a click-through rate between 45 and 60%. Far above the performance of email!
  • A unique format between SMS and email : WhatsApp campaigns allow content to be sent with a limit of 1,000 characters. You can also send attachments, audio files, videos or links. The format is therefore very flexible and interactive.
  • A reasonable and flexible price : You are only charged for the messages you send. You can buy sending credits on demand, without commitment of duration or expiration date.
  • A channel open to all companies: WhatsApp marketing campaigns aren’t just for e-commerce professionals. Service professionals can, for example, use this channel to contact their customers or prospects.

Tips for successful campaigns

In its guide, Sendinblue lists a list of tips and best practices to follow in order to send successful campaigns:

  • Request consent from your contacts : WhatsApp opt-in must be separated from newsletter opt-in, as it is a different channel. It is forbidden to combine them in order to comply with GDPR regulations.
  • Send quality campaigns : as with other marketing channels, it is important to send quality and non-intrusive campaigns. Reductions, special offers, or vouchers, for example, are particularly appreciated. Your messages must have real added value.
  • Personalize your messages : you can segment your contacts according to their purchases and their centers of interest, and dynamically insert their first name. The WhatsApp API can connect to your CRM to send tailored messages.
  • Reuse models that work : Sendinblue advises you to reuse the templates of your most effective campaigns, in order to save time.
  • Create a multi-channel experience : WhatsApp campaigns can be used with other channels such as email, SMS or push notifications. An all-in-one solution like Sendinblue will allow you to easily manage all your campaigns, across all your channels.
  • Create unique content : you must use WhatsApp as a very specific marketing channel, and not duplicate your email campaigns. You will have to use specific images, dedicated CTAs…

To learn more about WhatsApp campaigns and how to use them effectively, you can download the full guide from the link below. And to learn more about Sendinblue’s WhatsApp marketing features, visit this link.

Download the full guide

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