The Lords of war change dairies / Cybercriminal X marketing / Amazon France increases its employees by 7.8%.

The Lords of War change creamery

Semi-conductor trafficking is now raging since the sanctions imposed by Washington on Russia. It would have intensified since February 2022 with purchases made by small traders based in Hong Kong. According to a NIKKEI investigation, more than 3292 transactions, of at least 100,000 dollars each, would have taken place, for an amount of approximately 740 million dollars, concerning chips Intel, Advanced Micro Devices, or Texas Instruments. The price of the chips would be 10 times more expensive than normal, Intel chips worth more than $10,000 a unit would have been purchased via the Hong Kong company Agu Information Technology.

For the same period in 2021, customs data showed only 230 US chip exports from Hong Kong and China to Russia, with a total value of only $51 million, we can talk about a big gap!

Remember that these semiconductors are essential components for the manufacture of missiles, tanks, drones and military aircraft. They are used for guidance, radar and nighttime image detection functions in particular.

Cybercriminals have it all figured out in marketing.

A new report from Kaspersky sheds light on how cybercriminals offer all-inclusive services to add malicious apps to Google Play.

Apart from the basic service of referencing an app in which the malicious code will be picked up via a later update or via a notification to install an app from an external source. They offer services such as malware obfuscation and “clean” Google developer accounts. Download guarantees or that the app stays at least a week on the store are even promised to buyers. All for prices ranging from $7,000 to $20,000…

Elon Musk: do as I say, not as I do.

After calling for a moratorium on the development of AI projects, Elon Musk’s projects are gradually emerging. After hiring former DeepMind researchers to work on an internal AI project, Elon Musk reportedly ordered 10,000 GPU for one of Twitter’s data centers, according to Business Insiders. If we do not know the type of chips purchased, the current generation marketed by Nvidia offers a significant power gain compared to the A100 chips used by OpenAI, the publisher of ChatGPT. The objective would be to create a Generative AI that the company will train on its own data, to compete with ChatGPT or Bard from Google. The project is still in its infancy…

Amazon France agrees on a salary increase, it’s good or almost.

The agreement was signed on Tuesday between four of the five representative trade union organizations (excluding CGT) and Amazon France Logistique following the mandatory annual negotiations (NAO), with a salary increase of 7.8% on average. This increase includes the value-sharing bonus (PPV, ex-Macron bonus) of 1,000 euros, granted to eligible employees with at least 12 months of seniority.

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