the key to successful digital marketing strategies

Loïc Dominot, co-founder of the Youneat agency

The presence on the Internet is now a necessity for companies wishing to retain their customers or attract a new one. However, mere presence is not enough to achieve these objectives, and a real strategy must be considered and implemented, as explained by Loïc Dominot, co-founder of the Youneat agency, an expert in this field.

How can companies improve their visibility on the Internet?

LD: “This visibility, and presence on the Internet in general, are essential for companies if they want to reach prospects and consumers, both in BtoB and BtoC. There’s no point in having a great product or service if no one knows it exists. If the means to achieve this optimal visibility will not always be the same, SEO will always be the key. In a nutshell, SEO is how algorithms, including Google, examine each user query for an answer, and how those answers are positioned. To be really visible, it is imperative for the companies to appear among the first answers, even in the first three, sponsored and therefore paying. It is therefore necessary to rely on two complementary levers, SEA (Search Engine Advertising) and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in a global strategy, as proposed by Youneat. »

How do SEA and SEO work, and how do you use them optimally?

LD: “The SEA, on Google but also on other search engines, works according to an auction system on keywords. SEA is very effective, especially for reaching people in the active purchasing phase, but it can quickly become very expensive. SEO is also based on keywords but for free, by indexing the content of pages, such as business blogs. It’s less expensive, but it takes time to create the most relevant content, and above all patience to bring results. However, by responding to an initial request for information from the prospect, we can use the content to direct him to a sales funnel. These two approaches, SEO and SEA, respond to different types of requests, transactional or informational; but who are ultimately complementary, and to optimize their digital visibility, companies must use these two levers. Youneat masters both tools, and provides companies with the solution best suited to their needs. »

For you, what would be the ideal digital marketing strategy?

LD: “To be effective, a strategy must use the most suitable tools, in a complementary way. Youneat thus offers SEO and SEA solutions, but also SMA (Social Media Advertising), to reach other targets on social networks, but also to create more relevant tunnels. This strategy also responds to the problem of consumers’ need to identify with brands, to the image issues that are so important today. We favor the long term in our relationship with our clients, on the one hand because SEO work takes time to be effective, but above all because the strategies and content that we develop with them affect this brand image, if precious in this ultra-competitive period. »

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