the concepts you need to know to understand everything about AI applied to customer marketing!

For several months, artificial intelligence (AI) has been at the heart of all conversations. Professionals from all sectors are trying to take advantage of this innovative technology: medical diagnosis assistance, automatic detection of data leaks, automated content creation… Its fields of application are numerous and today limitless.

Marketing, and more particularly CRM, also benefits from this innovation. Unlike humans, AI is able to easily personalize customer relationships at scale.

Any technology is accompanied by a specific jargon and many notions. To master them, there is no need to roam the web: Splio, an intelligent CRM platform, offers you a concise glossary artificial intelligence applied to customer relations.


An essential document to grasp the power of AI

Many marketers today are interested in the possibilities offered by artificial intelligence: automation of work processes, intelligent recommendations, optimized communication… For these professionals, the challenges are multiple: it is necessary to succeed in identifying the opportunities presented by this technology and understand how to use it properly. All this while acclimatizing to a new universe that is unknown to them, with many definitions to know. Without understanding these terms, it is difficult to grasp all the concepts and carry out future customer marketing projects.

It is to help you better understand the world of artificial intelligence, as well as data, that Splio has published this exhaustive glossary with around twenty definitions. You will find that there is no shortage of applications in the world of marketing and sales. As soon as you come across a word whose meaning you do not know, just consult this document to obtain a clear and complete definition.

Among the concepts discussed, Data Mining. As the experts at Splio explain in this glossary, it means mining and analyzing large volumes of data and turning it into useful information. They also come back to Machine Learning, defined as a type of algorithm that has the particularity of automatic learning.

As saying that this guide gives you all the keys you need to master the vocabulary of AI and data!


Get to grips with AI in CRM

Through this glossary, Splio also introduces you to the terms of AI applied to Individuation® Marketing. This new approach, developed by the Parisian company, allows companies to address each of their customers individually in a relevant way thanks to artificial intelligence.

To guide you in this new universe and grasp all its principles, several terms are reviewed: self-learning algorithms, augmented data, Universal Witness Group (GTU)…

It is by mastering all these concepts that you will be able to better discern the technology behind artificial intelligence. This is essential to communicate and collaborate more effectively with data experts and thus exploit all the possibilities available to you. Without a doubt, this free glossary will be an essential point of support in all your future customer marketing projects.


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