The carpooling leader Blablacar models its marketing strategy

BlaBlaCar strives to better understand the impact of its advertising investments and the management of its marketing activity. The company calls on Ekimetrics following a call for tenders for marketing optimization solutions.

Measure advertising ROI

It became essential for our marketing team to better measure the return on investment of our advertising investments to optimize management. presents Hugo Palmer, data marketing manager at BlaBlaCar. It refers to the series of unprecedented events of the past three years. Today, there are mainly transport strikes and inflation, with the rise in the price of gasoline. ” These events force us to react very quickly to adapt our marketing strategy because they create a climate of uncertainty. he says.

“It was a question of more finely measuring the performance of our offline channels and the incrementality of our acquisition marketing”

BlaBlaCar wanted to measure the performance of its marketing investments in France. ” Our data culture already allows us to assess the performance of our online advertising channels. But it was a question of more finely measuring the performance of our offline channels and the incrementality of our acquisition marketing. “Explains Hugo Palmer. This is to support growth and perpetuate Blablacar’s brand image.

The manager is convinced of the benefits of using Marketing Mix Modelling. This method uses econometric approaches to measure the impact of marketing and commercial activations on sales, while taking into account external effects. This mode of understanding performance is then enriched over time by more granular data, experiments in “test & learn” and with the cross-referencing of CRM data to provide lessons on customer segments or audiences.

Marketing mix modeling to optimize marketing

Marketing Mix Modeling aims to help companies wishing to acquire a tool for measuring and optimizing their marketing actions. BlaBlaCar, having the culture of data, this has made it possible to shorten the Data collection phase which traditionally takes longer – around 5 weeks. Then there was the modeling phase, the analysis of the results of the MMM model and the creation of simulation scenarios.

Blablacar built the model representing its sales. For this, we had to go back to 2019

The project consisted in building the model representing the sales of BlaBlaCar. To do this, we had to go back to 2019 in the history of its data. These are the four most turbulent years for the transport sector. Very specific periods have been identified. This is the interruption of travel linked to covid, the thaw phase that followed, with the hygiene rules that impacted carpooling, then the increase in fuel prices for 1 year.

The different market typologies developed allow us to anticipate and prepare for the future with more serenity. », rejoices Hugo Palmer. Initiated in 2022, the project is bearing fruit. ” In addition to measuring our online and offline advertising investments, this has helped us to acculturate the businesses to econometric modeling says Hugo Palmer. ” This is a decisive step forward at a time when the development of new marketing methods is essential to prepare for the end of the era of third-party cookies. he concludes.

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