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[CONTENU PARTENAIRE] Created in France in 1983 by Gérard Mulliez, founder of Auchan, Oney Bank has naturally inherited this “banker-merchant” vision and an expertise that allows it to design payment solutions and financial services, including split payment , which allow a large number of consumers to carry out their purchases and their projects while controlling their budget. A condition that has become essential in the current economic context.

Driven by 4 main businesses: payment, financing, insurance and the fight against fraud, Oney Bank has more than 7 million customers. It now operates in more than 17,000 stores or merchant sites, in particular with its flagship product: split payment. Since October 2019, Oney has benefited from the support of a new shareholder, Groupe BPCE, with 50.1% of the capital, alongside ELO, Auchan’s holding company.

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Split payment: still a strong potential for development

The inflationary context is buoyant for the credit activity. Consumers increasingly feel the need to use solutions to finance their most important expenses (leisure, travel, computer, work, energy, etc.) and thus guarantee better control of their budget and their remaining live monthly.

In fact, in 2022, consumer credit grew by 7.7% in France (ASF figures). Over the same period, Oney recorded growth of more than 15%, confirming its leadership in particular in split payment (34.5% in 2022. Source ASF), a market strongly driven by the democratization of digital uses.

Thus, if the buy now pay later (BNPL) represents 7% of e-commerce in France, it rises to 25% in Germany. This gap underlines a still significant development potential.

New expectations in 2023

To better meet consumer expectations, Oney has been offering a new product for several months. Always debited from a bank card, it allows the splitting of payments over longer periods (from 5 to 12 X), especially for higher baskets.

At the same time, to meet the requirements in terms of immediacy and simplicity, Oney has created the Oney account. Created automatically during the first split payment, it allows you to carry out new financing by bank card in several installments with all the merchant partners, without having to transmit, since already recorded, all the information requested on the form.

On the merchant side, these streamlined processes, coupled with strong expertise in consumer credit and risk management, allow Oney partners to see their conversion rate as well as the average basket increase (from +20% to +70% ). All of this expertise contributes to enriching the purchasing experience and customer satisfaction. This is high for this type of payment, highlighting consumers’ appetite for this. Oney records a score of 76 on the Net Promoter Score (NPS) linked to this type of payment.

For informed and sustainable consumption

Aware of the societal and environmental challenges that society must face, Oney wishes to take part in initiatives capable of supporting the development of “better consumption”. In doing so, Oney supports players in the circular and sustainable economy and continues to support players in refurbished and second-hand products, as well as C2C. The share of credit production for the purchase of “CSR” products is also part of the strategic axes of the company and even of the wage policy.

Promoting sport and its values

Premium partner of the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games, under the leadership of Groupe BPCE, Oney Bank wishes to promote sport and the values ​​it conveys in the daily lives of its customers, partners and employees, and continue to promote the notion of responsibility, ethical requirements and attention to the environment with everyday champions.

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