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“Zero hassle, zero talk” promises MMA. A commitment kept by the insurer, which occupies a prominent place in the ranking of the 3rd edition of the Isoskele Customer Recognition Barometer.

François Fequant, Marketing and Communication Directorand Mélanie Lochet, Culture and Customer Relations Manager of MMA Insurance, reveal the reasons for this success

When we observe the various indicators used by Isoskele to establish the ranking of brands offering the best level of customer recognition, we notice that MMA almost always obtains the best progress, compared to the results of the 2nd edition of the Barometer, which dates from 2021. Enough to allow him today, with an overall score of 7.1/10, to be at the top of the ranking for the Insurance sector, and in fifth place in the general ranking.

We are very proud and pleasantly surprised, because 2022 was a real challenge for us in terms of customer relations.”, says François Fequant, Marketing and Communication Director of MMA Assurance, with particular reference to the “exceptional” climatic events that took place last year. “Maintaining the accessibility and quality of our service was a real challenge, especially since we started the year by implementing a new CRM in our 1,600 branches. The handling of the tool was concomitant with this exceptional increase in activity.”

A challenge taken up by its 4,000 agents who ensure the majority of exchanges with policyholders within these agencies. A real challenge also for the complaint and assistance services, managed by Mélanie Lochet, Culture and Customer Relations Manager: “What makes the difference is that all the departments have an in-depth knowledge of the particularities of our businesses and are concerned in the same way by the quality of the customer relationship. When our standards were saturated last year, they could be supplemented.”

The strength of a network of local agents

The ability to interact with the brand has thus been preserved, while an overhaul of the claims management process has enabled the insurer to be more proactive when keeping its customers informed of the progress of their file, allowing reduce incoming calls and redirect agents to tasks with higher added value.

As for the personalization of interactions, it has been improved by the use of CRM, “which allows to send the right message at the right time, or to personalize the content of the website.” But it also and above all resides in the strength of the MMA network according to François Fequant: “Fewer and fewer players can boast of having 1,600 points of sale throughout the territory. In addition, we manage to retain our agents, who then form part of a real relationship of lasting proximity with the insured.”

Policyholders who are also called upon by MMA to bring up ideas for services and co-construct them. An ambassador program was launched last year and already brings together several thousand customers, who have notably been asked to define the best way to better reward their loyalty: “We report proposals to the marketing department, such as a reduction in the automobile deductible for long-term policyholders, so that they can discuss with the teams in charge of the products.”

Capturing the voice of the customer is also very important within the company: 1.7 million surveys have been sent in recent years to nearly 200,000 policyholders. 120,000 verbatim statements were analyzed by the company in order to assess customer satisfaction, with the most dissatisfied being automatically contacted by the teams. “This pro-activity and the personalization of the response make the difference today and may surprise, when customers thought they would have to remind us many times and face a complex procedure to obtain answers.”, indicates Mélanie Lochet, evoking the relational charter put in place by MMA, and which aims to always help and support the insured, even when their claim is unsuccessful.

Good practices that allow MMA to stand out on the occasion of this 3rd Isoskèle Customer Recognition Barometer. Click here to discover the results, but also the deciphering of the strategies of the other Champion brands!

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