“MG will homogenize its network marketing operations”, announces Anna Gourovitch

MG Motor is experiencing strong sales growth in France. In March 2023, MG registered 1 993 new vehiclesrepresenting growth of 141%.

Breakdown of MG Motor sales (France + DROM) by model (March 2023)











MG Marvel R


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Since its launch in France a year and a half ago, the network has also developed at great speed V and MG relies on a network structured around 150 dealerships. Thirty new openings are expected in 2023 and by 2024-2025, the network should reach 200 points of sale and services.

MG has therefore chosen to structure marketing tools in the network and relies in particular on the recognized automotive expertise of the Ekstend agency.

Auto Info: What was the genesis of this marketing project?

Anna Gurovitch: The development of the network has been very rapid and we work with large groups with well-staffed marketing departments, but also with smaller groups that do not have the same resources. So we wanted standardize our marketing practices to gain overall efficiency. We also went through a call for tenders, because we did not have sufficient resources at headquarters, and we selected the Ekstend agency which is a benchmark in the automotive sector.

Auto Info: What will be your priorities and what is the cost of this service for the network? ?

Anna Gurovitch: We are going to focus on digital communication, to better centralize our media purchases, in particular on Google and in the Meta environment, i.e. Facebook and Instagram. The objective is to generate qualified leads and the very first results are promising, even if it is still too early to draw any conclusions. We work on two levels, locally and on the relay of national operations to increase them, in quotation marks. For the dealers, who were involved in the process of course, the cost is measured, with a bill of 200 euros per vehicle at the beginning of each quarter. Then, we operate according to the principle of one euro for one euro and each euro invested by the dealer is recovered in campaign equivalent. It’s very transparent and we have a dedicated tracking dashboard.

“All network pages will be standardized on Google My Business »

Auto Info: The dealers, however, keep control of their own initiatives, don’t they? ?

Anna Gurovitch: Naturally. What I have just mentioned, the 200 euros per vehicle, are the only obligation, but on the other hand, distributors can set up their own operations and continue to work with the local marketing agencies they know well. We are above all a source of proposals, for local optimization levers of what we do centrally, for example.

Auto Info: Concretely, what will be your first actions ?

Anna Gurovitch: In the scope of media buying, e-reputation, we are optimizing our positioning in the Meta environment, Facebook and Instagram in fact, to generate more qualified leads, always of better quality. Afterwards, we relay the process with SalesForce. We are also committed to standardize the presence of the brand and the network on Google My Business. All Google My Business pages across the network are standardized, and we’re feeding Google more consistently and in sync.

Additionally, we offer a centralized platform for POS purchases and merchandising. On this last point, this translates into delivery packs, customer purchase anniversary packs, delivery packs, etc. Upstream, of course, we are still working on brand awareness in France. It is progressing and above all, it is the new MG which is better and better identifiedwhat is important.

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