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How to develop your employability in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region?

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Don’t miss this webinar to learn all about the digital ecosystem around Bordeaux! © EFAP

Are you interested in the marketing and digital communication sector? Do you want to orient yourself or retrain in this field to support companies’ digital transformation projects? Take part in the next information meeting organized by the EFAP to obtain all the keys to a successful professional project in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region thanks to the specialized MBA in Digital Marketing & Business (MBADMB).

Participate in the EFAP webinar

Acquire key skills in marketing and digital transformation

In a context of post-Covid “Next Economy”, according to the expression of the think tank HUB Institute, exclusive partner of the MBADMB of EFAP, future professionals need to be trained to acquire the essential skills (hard and soft skills) in marketing and digital communication. The objective: to have all the cards in hand to meet the needs of companies and support them in their digital transformation process, which is managerial, sustainable, but also human.

But how can you develop your employability while having in-depth knowledge of the market players specific to the Bordeaux region? The webinar organized by EFAP provides you with all the information you need to help you in your approach, whether you are a working digital professional, whether you need to add a digital brick to build your skills or retrain in this field. , but also if you want to embark on an entrepreneurial project or if you are looking for a 5th year apprenticeship.

The complete webinar program with top speakers

This session, which will allow you to know everything about marketing and digital communication in New Aquitaine, will address many topics related to employment and mastery of skills in this sector, with in particular:

  • The essential business skills in marketing and digital communication,
  • The essential soft skills to master,
  • The MBADMB’s place in the digital ecosystem of New Aquitaine, and the reasons why EFAP Bordeaux is a member of Unitec,
  • The importance of personal branding for a career and developing your professional network,
  • The paths and feedback from EFAP alumni in digital marketing and business as a source of inspiration.

The webinar will be moderated by Vincent Montet, founder and director of the MBADMB and vice-president of ACSEL, the association of the digital economy, with the intervention of the following guests:

  • Arnault Chatel, head of pedagogy at the MBADMB,
  • Laurent-Pierre Gilliard, prospective and communication director of UNITEC,
  • Julia Urbajtel, independent entrepreneur marketing, producer of podcasts, interviews and audio content, and MBADMB alumni,
  • Marion Sehedic, communications officer at Newheat, and MBADMB alumni.

How to participate in the EFAP Bordeaux webinar?

Book your place now to participate in the next webinar organized by EFAP on Tuesday April 18 at 12:30 p.m. (duration: 1 hour)! Registration is free, just click on the link below. You will be able to ask all your questions to the participants at the end of the presentation.

Participate in the EFAP webinar

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