Marketing vs Sales: better but still a lot to do…

The CMIT, Appointment and ISM, present in this infographic the 2022 “Sales & Marketing Alignment” Barometer.

What about the alignment between the two Marketing and Sales teams? What are the findings?

This subject remains a concern in the company to federate its two teams in a common direction.

The alignment between Marketing and Sales is improving…slowly…

This new edition shows a real desire to no longer go it alone in both directions!

The importance of working as a team to achieve common goals is integrated: a win-win approach for prospect identification and customer engagement.

We can therefore see an improvement compared to 2021, but only 43% of companies believe that their marketing and sales departments are aligned (vs. 40% in 2021).

“It is clear that the symbiosis between marketing and sales is not yet complete, far from it! But little by little the sharing of a common language, culture and objectives is becoming obvious.

How to break down the silos that separate these teams who have everything to gain by working hand in hand? What lessons can be learned from those who have embarked on this difficult enterprise of reconciliation? »

Sébastien Brunet, ISM Marketing Manager

The 6 lessons of this “Sales Marketing Alignment” barometer

“The alignment between sales and marketing looks like wishful thinking, a kind of invocation.

Despite everything, over the years, by dint of more or less forced rapprochements, more and more shared objectives, less and less sealed relationships, what looked like a chimera becomes more and more tangible.

Mostly, it is not yet the sacred union. Yet the results and performance of aligned companies should inspire others. »

David Benguigui, Social Media & Content Management Director, Prodware France, Vice-President of CMIT

1 – The top causes of non-alignment:

  • 67% believe this is due to unshared strategic objectivesbut improving by more than 8%;
  • 29% believe it isa lack of common leaders ;
  • 67% express that the profile of the different teams is not compatible ;

2 – Actions implemented to improve Marketing-Sales alignment:


  • 56% of marketers believe that market information sharing remains at the top of the levers for improvement;
  • 52% of marketers believe that joint validation of targets and personas allow us to move in the same direction


  • 52% of salespeople consider it necessary trace information on the ground when a business is won thanks to marketing actions;
  • 53% of salespeople indicate that it is necessary respect the marketing guidelines and the supports offered ;
  • 50% of salespeople encourage co-construct the commercial action plan. This is one of the strongest increases (vs 31% in 2021);

3 – Marketing challenges for 2022:

  • For 52% of marketers, clearly define the alignment strategy;
  • For 52%, face human resistance ;
  • For 50%, the development of new skills appears as a strategic challenge to be met: a marked improvement (vs. 45% in 2021);

Compared to 2021, access to data and the deployment of new tools no longer seem to be among the priority challenges.

4 – Sales expectations:

  • 72% of respondents say that lead generation is the major expectation sales teams (significant reduction vs 85% in 2021);
  • 58% want sales tools;
  • 50% remain sensitive to the development of notoriety (an increase vs 46% in 2021);

5 – The evolution of the marketing function:

  • We observe a reversal of the trend from One-to-Many to One-to-One;
  • ABM has gained ground by more than 70% since 2020 (+47%). This subject is no longer reserved only for the largest organizations;

6 – The maturity of companies on alignment practices:

  • Social networks as a sales vector;
  • Employee Branding;
  • The digitization of social selling sales;
  • Analysis of digital journeys;
  • Content co-creation;
  • Coordination of actions;

In conclusion, efforts still need to be made.

But it is a fact that the maturity of companies on alignment practices is quite good with an average score of 3/5 for each subject…

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