Marketing executives do not know the crisis

After a solid recovery following the health crisis, the executive recruitment market for Marketing & Sales functions continues to evolve.

Between the emergence of new positions and the demands of executives, Justine Baronnet Fruges, Senior Manager at Robert Walters, discusses the trends observed in her market and the outlook for 2023.

73% of executives say they are confident about job opportunities

In this particularly dynamic context, professionals in the sector understood that the market was favorable to them.

So, 50% of them plan to take advantage of this dynamism to change jobs and progress in their careers (40%), discover something new (34%), or even increase their remuneration (31%).

“The fact of wanting to try new experiences is rather inherent in the Marketing & Sales functions.

Managers carry the transformation within organizations and are forced to reinvent themselves regularly to follow trends, such as digitalization for example”.

says Justine Baronnet Fruges

New positions are emerging, such as that of Director of Digital Transformation for example, which emerges in response to the need to better reach the end customer.

Other professions related to CSR also appear, such as Director or CSR Officer for example.

“There are few training courses dedicated to these subjects, and professionals specializing in CSR are more talents who have done internal, external and crisis communication, and are now interested in CSR subjects”.

explains Justine

1 manager out of 2 ready to resign in the event of an insufficient increase

If compensation comes third in the criteria pushing executives to consider resigning, 56% of them would be ready to leave their company if their increase was not higher than inflation.

These resignation wishes are reinforced by the confidence in the market mentioned: executives are in a position of strength whether they are in office or not.

“The talents in search have at least 3 leads engaged at the same time, they know that they have opportunities and do not want to rush”.

observe Justine Baronet Fruges

In this context, executives know that they can be more demanding of companies because they are spoiled for choice.

For the latter, it has become essential to communicate more in order to attract and retain employees, to give them development prospects, but also to valuing elements other than remuneration.

“Organizations must understand what drives talent, beyond the position: working time arrangements, childcare places, company values, onboarding process, etc. “.

adds Justine

In conclusion, Marketing & Sales executives will benefit from a dynamic market in 2023, and profiles specialized in CSR or digital subjects will have an additional advantage in the eyes of companies, allowing them to play more on negotiation levers…


Robert Walters compensation study: data from interviews with 50,000 candidates and clients worldwide, from January to November 2022.

Robert Walters Inquiry: survey of more than 1,700 executives and companies interviewed online in September 2022 in France.

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