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More than complete, PrestaShop nevertheless requires certain technical skills to take full advantage of its full potential. Hosting your website and buying your domain name discourages you? Does deciding on payment and delivery options or even managing your customer database give you cold sweats?

Don’t let worry get to you and get started. PrestaShop Edition has thought of everything and gets your turnkey online store up and running in no time.

Launching your online store has become so easy

In addition to the creation of a website and all the technical knowledge that this implies, the launch of an e-commerce requires the provision of numerous services. Delivery, payment and marketing are part of the fundamentals. In addition, the development of a marketing strategy and the analysis of your sales and buying journeys of your customers cannot be neglected either.

Do you already have your head spinning? This is quite normal and embarking alone on such an adventure can quickly become like one of the 12 labors of Hercules. Don’t panic though, the PrestaShop Edition solution takes care of everything. All the essential services, preinstalledaccompany you in all the key moments that mark the development of your online business.

No need for technical and legal knowledge

For many people, the need for technical knowledge is certainly the main obstacle to the deployment of their online business. Purchase of the domain name, SSL certificate, site hosting… Ignore all these technical considerations with PrestaShop Edition and focus on the most important: build an e-commerce site that corresponds to your activity and your needs, as quickly and as simply as possible.

Moreover, you can easily personalize your online store and find inspiration among all the proposed themes. PrestaShop Edition also accompanies you on all the legal aspects related to e-commerce in Europe (GDPR, cookie management, etc.) A welcome peace of mind when you embark on entrepreneurship.

Strong partners to develop your e-commerce as it should be

We have called on the best partners to manage the various services offered by your e-commerce.

PayPalvia PrestaShop Checkout, provides the payment system, an important guarantee of security so that your customers can pay for their purchase in France or abroad.

Regarding deliveries, Colissimo allows you to send orders simply and quickly. Print your labels yourself and offer different delivery methods to your customers (home, relay point, etc.) all over the world.

For monitoring the performance of your e-commerce and your online visibility, who better placed than Google ? Using the PrestaShop Metrics module, which integrates Google Analytics data, you will not only have valuable information on the profile of your customers (age, location, etc.), but also a follow-up of their shopping journey. purchase on your site. This essential data, well exploited, allows you to optimize all aspects of your online business.

A team at your service for efficient and rapid assistance

A efficient and responsive assistance is essential when using a solution on which the entire company depends. Whatever problems you encounter, the PrestaShop assistance teams respond 6 days a week by e-mail or telephone.

No more unpleasant surprises along the way, the customer support teams guide you and help you deploy your e-commerce hassle-free.

Grow your e-commerce with powerful marketing tools

PrestaShop Metrics, PrestaShop Marketing with Google, and PrestaShop Facebook, these three tools greatly facilitate the growth of your e-commerce and allow the maximum information to be drawn from the data collected.

Thanks to the modules preinstalled with PrestaShop Edition, you will be able to: view your data from trafficsales and conversion directly from your back office and drive your strategy, and create and optimize marketing campaigns on the Google, Facebook, and Instagram networks, synchronized with your product catalog.

Give European ambitions to your online business

Why limit your e-commerce adventure to the borders of France? The PrestaShop Edition solution is designed and optimized to work ininternational and is perfectly suited to sell in the European Union.

With support for multiple languages ​​and multiple currencies, you can easily expand your online store business in Europe. In addition, whether in terms of legislation, suitable means of payment, means of delivery, or technical compatibility, you can easily deploy your e-commerce on the old continent and thus conquer new markets.

Launch an online store therefore no longer requires technical knowledge or complex service management. PrestaShop Edition offers a complete solution accessible to everyone to start your e-commerce almost effortlessly, while retaining ownership of your store and associated data!

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