Koje simplifies marketing for small organizations

[CONTENU PARTENAIRE] The koje agency supports companies in the development of their brand identity and their marketing strategy. With the particularity of devoting all of its activity to small structures.

In an age of increasing business competition in many industries, going without a viable marketing approach is almost like shooting themselves in the foot for any leader. The agency Kojewhich specializes in this field, therefore offers its services to organizations that share this observation, turning exclusively to the smallest structures such as VSEs, SMEs, and even the self-employed.

Koje, who wishes to operate as an external eye for these small entities, can intervene in all sectors of activity. The goal is for the agency to broaden its range of skills in order to best meet the strategic needs of its clients.

The focus is on brand identity, namely the elements that allow a company to differentiate itself from the competition, to connect with its customers, and to be known and recognized. The marketing strategy is then approached, with the objective of optimizing the offer of products or services via different channels to sell more and better.

A targeted and personalized service

For optimal efficiency, the two co-founders of koje have imagined a model allowing them to respond precisely to the needs of each of their customers. Their service is divided into two distinct parts.

A study mission first of all, during which it is a question of anticipating, analyzing, and deciphering the evolution of the market of the accompanied company, which then makes it possible to establish the best strategies for the development of the latter. These studies carried out by koje are personalized according to the needs of the client, before a complete report which aims to be as simple to understand as it is to apply.

Then comes a consultancy service, the concrete objective of which is to support small structures, already established or still in the creation phase, towards the definition of their brand identity and the deployment of the determined strategy.

Here again, this support is tailor-made, in order to adapt precisely to the company’s situation. This adjustment takes place both at the price level and at the level of support. Since small businesses primarily embody a vision, it seems natural for the two entrepreneurs to favor exchange and to agree with the habits and preferences of their customers.

Koje simplifies marketing for small organizations – Koje

Offer the best chances to small structures

But then, why focus the agency’s activity on small companies and the self-employed? For the co-founders of koje, the answer to this question is obvious and raises neither doubt nor debate. It is clear for them that large groups are already sufficiently equipped to have a functional marketing strategy.

Moreover, working with organizations with a small workforce gives them a chance by helping them shine according to their full potential. And at the same time restores a balance often compromised by the reductive, even unfair doctrine, which would like a small company to be less ambitious than a large group.

By working to popularize marketing in order to make it more accessible, koje also helps heads of VSEs, SMEs, as well as the self-employed to focus exclusively on their job as business leaders. Through its activity, the agency wishes to break the codes and change things by putting marketing and its singularities within reach of as many people as possible. A way of participating in restoring a form of equity between small structures on a human scale and large groups.

Koje asserts this vision according to which a small company is above all a dream, a story, a know-how or a passion, and therefore has as much, if not more, to offer than a firm with a much larger workforce. Hence the agency’s slogan: “small businesses, big ambitions”.

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