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The importance of training for a career in digital communication

Digital communication and marketing occupy a central position within companies, from startups, which need visibility to raise funds, to large groups, which must coordinate their subsidiaries and their language elements. To make a career in this field and succeed in your professional project, it is essential to master the necessary skills, both technical and human.

Today, digital has become an integrated brick within all mechanisms, from the developer to the graphic designer through the content producer. It brings a dimension of reactivity, immediacy, which must be mastered by following training that is as agile as possible, because the objective is to be able to anticipate the subjects that will make up the marketing of tomorrow, explains Christophe Dané, pedagogical manager of the Digital Communication & e-business axis at IIMformer associate director at Havas Media and ex-CEO of Omnicom media.

Whether in the context of the launch of new products or an e-commerce platform, future professionals need the know-how and interpersonal skills required to design projects and campaigns, relying on technologies , uses and tools on the market, by measuring their impact and optimizing them to obtain the best performance.

The 4 essential skills to master for communicators

But what precisely are the main qualities currently sought by recruiters, and which future professionals must have to meet their needs?

To be curious

For Christophe Dané, the number one quality to master for a career in digital communication is curiosity. ” You have to have an inquisitive mind, be interested in people, tools, infrastructure…everything! You must be insatiable, that is to say not to stop asking yourself the simple question of “why”. This is a very important quality for a communicator or a marketer. »

If it represents a skill required in the digital communication professions, the educational manager of the IIM specifies that curiosity is a quality that is learned and developed, because it is not necessarily innate. ” We can become curious by carrying out benchmarks regularly. Our courses allow our students to acquire this posture of curiosity and the good practices to adopt for effective monitoring, knowing how to correctly search for information on the Internet, writing the right prompts on ChatGPT… »

To be creative

Like curiosity, creativity is also a skill that needs to be worked on. ” You can have creative ideas without necessarily knowing how to draw, for example. It shouldn’t be a hindrance. For a good idea to become excellent, future professionals will have to be able to explain it, to know how to share it with others. ” Behind creativity, there is also this notion of communication, collective work and transmission, to be able to popularize and retransmit an idea, to explain a campaign with the right words. »

Be forward-looking

Being forward-looking is a quality that consists of being oriented towards the future. In the field of digital communication, it is a question of imagining and inventing new ways of using a technology or a tool in the service of its client or its brand. ” If we take the metaverse, some markets will be able to set it up in particular to promote their products, as in the clothing and fashion sector, for example. »

Have an analytical mind

The objective: to know how to determine the causal link between several events. ” When creating a website, it is essential to understand why visitors click on one of the elements of the page, carry out such or such action. Or for what reason(s) an application will work, and not another. »

It should also be noted that analytics is now closely associated with data to enable communicators and marketers to analyze data, which is an essential skill in digital, and which is particularly sought after by recruiters in the IT market. ‘job.

Putting your skills into practice, the number one asset for developing your employability

How to acquire these essential skills to meet the needs of companies? At IIM, the 1st French digital school created in 1995, all courses are offered on a work-study basis and the programs give priority to pedagogy ” learning by doing » to allow students to put into practice in the field the knowledge learned during the training.

Digital communication is situated in a culture of “doing”. You have to “do” and “think” at the same time. There are not designers on one side and directors on the other, but a desire to achieve things and move forward together. For example, a community manager will write and publish posts, monitor their performance using analytics tools, while bouncing back on the news thanks to his curiosity. He will develop qualities that go beyond the simple fact of responding to tweets or leading online communities.

Many practical cases are on the program of the sector dedicated to digital communication and e-businessas well as the possibility offered to students to systematically test market tools used in the professional environment, such as Figma (design), Talkwalker (social networks), Google Analytics (web analysis), or Médiamétrie (measurement of audience).

By dint of practice, students will know how to master all these tools and begin to specialize to become experts in their chosen field, specifies the educational manager.

This practical dimension, which is at the heart of IIM’s DNA, is also materialized through various partnerships, such as Snapchat for Business, to program and distribute campaigns on behalf of charities, or even with the Digital Alliance, to cover on the ground reports and events organized by the association of digital marketing players in France. In addition to the speakers, who are all professionals in the sector, many experts (data, e-commerce, growth hacking, etc.) are regularly invited by the school to present their inspiring careers and their feedback to students.

We make sure to connect companies, which have needs and are looking for talents to support their digital projects, with students, who have passions and desires to evolve in this digital communication industry. To do this, we provide them with all the keys so that they can find their place in this environment that is complex, exciting and constantly changing.

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