Join the leaders of marketing and sales for the only event dedicated to Sales Enablement in France!

To ensure its proper development, it is imperative that a company’s marketing, sales and customer service departments are aligned. This is essential to boost the impact of its growth strategies. To do this, there is only one solution: the Sales Enablement. It is an innovative approach to teams, processes and technology to maximize a company’s business performance.

It is around this major concept that will take place the new Sales Enablement PRO event, a professional organization that aims to highlight the knowledge of experts on the subject. For this new edition, hundreds of sales and marketing leaders will meet on Tuesday, April 18 in the heart of Paris. On the program&nbsp: masterclass by renowned speakers, business inspirations and networking&nbsp!


Keynotes and masterclasses around key topics for 2023

With the 2023 edition, the Sales Enablement PRO community is not at its first attempt. Its flagship event has already brought together Enablement experts in London and Seattle before making its debut in Paris in 2022. For this new opus in France, the organizers are meeting at the mythical Hôtel Lutetia to industry players.

During one day, they will have the opportunity to attend keynotes and masterclasses around Sales Enablement and key topics related to it. The objective is simple: to help them exploit the full potential of this essential function today.

Among the topics that will be discussed:

  • Justify the value of the Sales Enablement;
  • “Doing more with less”&nbsp: is it possible&nbsp?
  • How do you succeed (and not just survive) in an economic recession?
  • Strategic Enablement: Why is it more than a BUZZ word?
  • Realign its sales and marketing teams; the key to growth in 2023.

Each of the conferences will be led by experts in Sales Enablement, such as Thomas Husson, Vice President, Chief Analyst at Forrester, Caroline Mignaux, co-founder and CEO of Reachmaker and LinkedIn Top Voice or Céline Laffargue, Sales Leader Excellence Coach at Salesforce.


They will discuss the alignment of sales and marketing with strategic enablement, the role of artificial intelligence (AI) or best practices to adopt to become a coach manager. In short, they will provide a complete overview of innovative news in the sector and new prospects for Sales Enablement. It will therefore be a unique opportunity to learn from those who are at the forefront of innovation and to discover how to increase the turnover of your own company.

In addition to these conferences, participants will also be able to take advantage of more informal moments such as lunch and the evening to discuss with their peers on developments in the sector. For the occasion, key market players will be present, including Orange and Ringcentral.

Masterclass, keynotes, networking… All the ingredients are there for a rich and inspiring event around Sales Enablement. At the end of this day, participants will have a global vision of the possibilities offered by this function to meet the needs of buyers, align internal teams and maximize their growth with fewer resources. So, ready to take your organization to the next level?

So as not to miss anything of this unique event in France, register now.


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