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To develop a digital project or work in an agency, a Bachelor’s degree in marketing and digital communication is a popular training. Known for its professionalizing aspect, this Bac+3 level program has many advantages for students wishing to enter the job market.

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What are the differences between a Bachelor’s and a License?

The Bachelor is a course of Anglo-Saxon origin which is spread over a period of 3 years. Like the license, it is available post-Bac. In France, many schools, especially business schools, offer a Bachelor (Bac+3) to students. Many specialties exist, in management, IT, HR or web marketing for example.

The Bachelor’s degree differs from the license in terms of the type of establishment issuing the diploma. These are private schools, while bachelor’s degree programs are to be followed in public universities. With a Bachelor, the numbers are also reduced in each class for practice-oriented teaching. As a result, Bachelors are considered much more professionalizing and graduates are more sought after by recruiters. Such training can be taken in a Business school like IPAG Business School.

What are the teachings of a Bachelor in Marketing and Digital Communication?

With the evolution of communication methods, it is essential for companies to hire specialists capable of implementing a digital strategy. With this in mind, training in marketing and digital communication allows post-Bac students to have a wide range of practical knowledge to apply.

The programs offered at the IPAG Business School will therefore focus on all communication techniques and marketing methods used on online media. Digital marketing is deployed for this through several forms such as emailing, natural or paid referencing, retargeting or even community management.

A course in webmarketing and digital communication aims to learn how to build an online marketing strategy from A to Z. Various courses are provided for this purpose, relating to web communication, inbound marketing, user experience optimization and website design in particular. Among the knowledge that will be acquired, we can cite the mastery of essential tools such as Google Analytics, the use of computer graphics and DTP software at the professional level and the learning of all the levers taken into account in a good strategy of communication online.

What are the advantages of the Bachelor of Marketing in a business school?

The Bachelor is a professional training that has many strengths. After a baccalaureate, students can choose to train in a business school to benefit from excellent education without going to a preparatory class, which is more difficult and selective.

The Bachelor is also a serious and effective alternative to the various university courses. A reputable business school offers quality infrastructure, extensive student monitoring and a personalized methodology.

As a result, such a program in the vast majority of cases opens the way to successful entry into the labor market. In a post-Bac business school, the courses followed are closely linked to the professional world.

For a real openness to the outside, the Bachelor includes in the second year a 3-month study stay in a foreign university, with the possibility of studying up to two modern languages ​​(English, Spanish, Italian or Chinese) during its formation.

Finally, the Bachelor has the advantage of providing a complete training, recognized by the State and prized by recruiters in just 3 years. For people who do not want to get lost in long studies, this formula is very interesting.

What to do after a Bachelor’s degree in marketing and digital communication?

The Bachelor is a first step for students. At the end of this course, it is quite possible to continue your studies with a Master’s degree at a university, a Master’s degree in a specialized school or a Grande Ecole program in a business school such as IPAG Business School. These different possibilities will allow students to accumulate increased experience and know-how, with new skills and a higher level of specialization.

By completing this 3-year training program, the knowledge acquired in marketing and digital communication is also sufficient to fully enter working life. The Bachelor has the advantage of giving students many possibilities with varied outlets. Among the positions to which it is possible to claim once graduated, we can mention those of digital project manager, marketing project manager, web communication manager, project manager, web marketing manager, digital strategy consultant or communication manager. and advertising.

By obtaining a Bachelor’s degree in marketing and digital communication from a recognized school such as IPAG Business School, students put the odds on their side to integrate quickly and efficiently into the world of work. Lasting 3 years, this program accessible in many major cities in France offers multiple opportunities.

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