Foix: tourism students create websites for the Hackathon

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The University of Foix organized its third Hackathon, from April 11 to 13, for tourism students. In two days, they had to create a website for service providers.

Students in pro e-commerce and e-tourism license from the Higher Institute of Tourism, Hospitality and Food (Isthia) will be able to leave confident for their internship. Thanks to the third hackathon, organized at the Foix university center from April 11 to 13, they have mastered enough digital technology to succeed in their internship with service providers.
The very reason for this operation, as explained by Philippe Godard, professor behind the event: “Students learn to code and develop digital communication tools during the degree. But we realized that they weren’t confident when they went on training. So, three years ago, we created this challenge.
The 28 students had to create a website in two and a half days, based on assigned texts and photos. Divided into groups of two or three, the young people were accompanied by teachers, but also the Tourism Development Agency (ADT).
The latter found the service providers interested in the approach, essential to carrying out the challenge. Among them, small hosts, various activity services, craftsmen… “We already provide them with an online booking tool but we realized that their website does not always correspond to the expectations of the public. This year, we therefore want to go further and better work on putting it online,” adds Clémence Chevaux, head of the marketing division at the ADT.
A fruitful collaboration for the students and for the twelve participating service providers. “Professionals will benefit from the vision of students on their site and their project,” adds the manager.

A completed project

Others like Agnès will take the opportunity to launch their site, listening scrupulously to the advice of students. “I am doing a long project. We start from the genesis and it takes shape, with a site, ”rejoices the teacher who has converted to tourist accommodation. Satisfied by the achievement of the students during the restitution of the work, she will register for the June training and be assisted by a web agency (see opposite). “The ADT worked to perfect the experience and bring a concrete follow-up, I didn’t have a site,” she points out.
The students also enjoyed the challenge. “We were able to practice WordPress. We also learned to organize ourselves quickly. And then we have a feeling of ease, we managed to create a site in two days, we thought it was not possible”, comments Laura Faubert.
Louis Grandjean now feels more confident. “We took over a project. We managed the stress, the timing, and we spoke in front of an amphitheater. It’s the first time it’s happened to me. I now know that you can make a site quickly,” says the young man.
Strengthened by this digital adventure, they will be able to meet the needs of their internship supervisors.

Training for providers

On June 5 and 6, providers will be able to benefit from a day and a half training, at the price of €100, within the university. They will learn how to use the files produced by the students, how to put information online, and how to take charge of their site.
In addition, service providers will be able to interact with two web agencies, founded by two former students of Isthia. The goal: to professionalize the service providers’ sites and promote local employment. Agencies will offer packages starting at €400.

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