Event training: what are these new digital and communication professions?

The event communication sector is becoming increasingly digital and constantly evolving. Event training too! You’ve probably heard of the metaverse, but did you know that there are already specific courses? EDBS, the Digital Business School, even offers a Bachelor’s and a Master’s in Event Communication and Metaverse. Focus on new professions such as event project manager specializing in the metaverse!

Event training adapted to the new challenges of the sector

EDBS is a college focused on digital and new technologies. This is why it has notably integrated the concept of metaverse into its event training programs. The goal? Prepare students for the latest advances and developments in these professions. Focus on the metaverse, a trend that is taking an increasingly important place in our digital uses.

An immersive virtual experience

What is the Metaverse? This portmanteau word is composed of “meta” and “universe”, that is to say “meta-universe”. Conceived as a kind of extension of the current internet, it is in fact a concept of universe that mixes virtual reality (VR) and artificial intelligence (AI). It offers new immersive experiences to users. The latter are often represented there in the form of an avatar. In this immersive digital world, Internet users can interact with each other, but also with digital objects, in real time. Thus, according to Gartner, 25% of people will spend an hour a day in the metaverse by 2026.

Issues and future of the metaverse

The peculiarity of the metaverse? Its versatility and the infinite number of possibilities offered! It can indeed be used in the field of video games, social networks, virtual reality, e-commerce, education or health. In addition, tools such as a VR (virtual reality) headset can be connected to it. The metaverse has thus become a key issue in the sector of new technologies and commerce in general. Experts estimate that it could generate billions of euros in the near future. It is becoming increasingly important in our daily lives, especially in the world of work. The younger generations will be led to use it more and more. This is why tech giants and GAFAMs like Facebook and Microsoft are very interested in it and investing a lot of money in it. This leads to a growing demand for qualified employees trained in these new challenges. For students comfortable with new technologies and wishing to evolve in a growing sector, follow event training having a connection to the metaverse seems a wise choice.

Event training in Lyon, Nantes, Paris, Toulouse and Lille

Interested in events? Do you also like new technologies and want to work in a sector related to digital? EDBS offers the training you need! This training in events in tune with the times offers a complete program adapted to the new challenges of this ever more innovative sector. By training in the metaverse with the Bachelor then the Master’s in Event Communication and Metaverse from EDBSyou will have all the keys to becoming a professional evolving in the digital world.

The new frontiers of events: examples of concepts

The emergence of the metaverse disrupts events. Today, some events even take place entirely in this virtual universe. Shopping in virtual stores, participating in virtual concerts and accessing new purchasing platforms during auctions, for example, are all new possibilities offered by the metaverse. Now, brands are trying to reach their audience by offering a more immersive, playful and festive dimension, where the possibilities are almost endless.

Why choose EDBS, a school specializing in event training in Lyon, Nantes, Paris, Toulouse and Lille

EDBSit’s training in events in tune with the times and active pedagogy.

Focus on the Bachelor and Master’s in Event Communication Strategy and Metaverse at EDBS

The teaching method of EDBS is based on the learning by doing, that is to say that it promotes practical experience and immersion in the company through internships or work-study programs. By working on concrete event projects, Bachelor’s and Master’s students at EDBS naturally acquire the curiosity, agility and skills necessary to evolve in this competitive and changing sector. There Event Communication and Metaverse sector ofEDBS, accessible in Lyon, Nantes, Paris, Toulouse and Lille, allows you to become an expert in communication and marketing specializing in events. All titles prepared are recognized by the State.

What do we learn during the Bachelor’s and Master’s in Event Communication Strategy and Metaverse at EDBS

At EDBS, lessons in Event communication and Metaverse are varied. Their objectives are multiple:

  • learn how to design an event from A to Z;
  • know everything about information systems;
  • implement a “cross-channel” event communication strategy;
  • learn how to manage a project and lead multidisciplinary teams.

For the technical part, students are introduced to SEO, SEA, and the implementation of a natural referencing strategy for websites. Also on the program, the management of advertising campaigns via Google Ads and the learning of programming languages ​​such as HTML, Javascript and PHP in order to be able to develop a website.

The lessons take the form of theoretical lessons of 30 minutes, followed by practical cases, a workshop national (which brings together all the EDBS campuses in France for a common project) and boot camps to simulate concrete professional situations. During the boot camps Creation of event agencies or Event agency competition, for example, students must create their own communication agency as a group and set up an event from A to Z. Fun and educational, this type of exercise is one highlights of the student year.

Learning the job of an event project manager in the metaverse

EDBS trains event professionals ready to meet all the challenges of this sector. How do I organize an event in the metaverse? More and more companies in all sectors (sales, luxury, travel, finance…) are interested in the metaverse and need qualified specialists to support them! Focus on the profession of metaverse project manager in events, a strategic position accessible after training in events at EDBS.

The Metaverse Project Manager in Events is responsible for planning, organizing and implementing virtual events. He must manage the whole process, from the initial design and the selection of the appropriate virtual platform until the realization of the virtual event. He must create and follow precise and technical specifications, coordinate the production and technological development teams, ensure compliance with the budget and deadlines and finally, analyze the results and impact of the event. This is a technical position that requires good organization, but above all an excellent understanding of the metaverse and its challenges. Creativity and innovation are also required to create unique and differentiating events.

While the metaverse is still in full development, it is seen as the future of the internet and technology in general. It offers an even more immersive and interactive experience. For the event trades, this is a real revolution. If you want to take part, EDBS event training awaits you on the Lyon, Nantes, Paris, Toulouse and Lille campuses! To find out more, visit EDBS website.

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