E-commerce: time and savings above all…

A survey by the Toluna Harris Interactive Institute for Fevad reveals that a very large majority of French people consider that e-commerce saves time.

In addition to the usual criteria for which consumers favor e-commerce, this survey teaches us that e-commerce is a vector of sociability recognized by many of them for the time it saves…

Saving time mainly devoted to loved ones and hobbies

At the question ” Would you say that e-commerce saves you time », nearly 92% of French people answered positively, a result which rises to 95% for 25-39 year olds, CSP+ and frequent online buyers.

While a growing proportion of French people say they aspire to a better balance between their professional life and their personal life, this survey reveals that e-commerce can generate significant time savings.

Sign that e-commerce can be a vector of sociability : this time saving is mainly used, they say, for moments with family or friends (54%). This is even more the case among 25-34 year olds (59%) and 35-49 year olds (61%).

It also allows, according to them, toperform cultural or leisure activities offline for 39% of them.

At the top of those who take advantage of it the most to do more cultural and leisure activities off the internet are Parisians (46%) and 15-24 year olds (44%).

Slightly less than a third (31%) believe that they spend this time saving on internet-related activities. A phenomenon that affects more men (34%) and inhabitants of the Paris region (35%).

Finally, 21% say they take advantage of this freed up time to devote themselves more to their professional activity or their studies.

This is particularly the case among young people and more particularly those aged 15 to 25. More than one in two say they use the time saved through e-commerce at their work.

The two main lessons of this study are therefore that e-commerce has an advantage that everyone agrees on: it saves French people time. The second lesson is that the priority of the French is to spend time with their loved ones, family or friends.

… to which is added the search for savings on prices

Among the reasons why the French turn to e-commerce, we find the price criterion, which remains a criterion of choice in times of inflation.

So, 49% of buyers are looking for the best trade-offs in terms of value for money when shopping online.

Next comes the criterion of the services offered by the Internet: 27% of buyers turn to e-commerce to find a service adapted to their needs.

The quality and diversity of the offer are among the criteria cited by 26% and 24% of respondents, ahead of ethical (13%) and eco-responsible (12%) values.


Online study conducted by Toluna Harris Interactive from December 23, 2022 to January 6, 2023 among 4,002 cyber-shoppers aged 15 and over representative of French cyber-shoppers on the criteria of gender, age, CSP, region, size of agglomeration.

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