Digital marketing through expertise and freshness combined

Digital strategy under the analytical prism of Sowaycom

VSis a marketing laboratory, Sowaycom. A laboratory, in the strong sense. It uses, to cross them, the strategies of persuasive marketing and those of data science. We work on a case-by-case basis, convinced that the web is primarily a field of experimentation (in addition to being a battlefield for visibility), that winning webmarketing strategies come from knowledge of target audience. This informed consulting, led by Sylvain Gillet (trainer and teacher by the way) seeks an alchemy between audience and content strategy. He says it, he repeats it, he proclaims it when necessary: ​​“A website is not a simple communication medium, but a marketing tool! “. A tool which is not intended to be self-centered, but which must speak to the customer. And the gap is wide between a simple “showcase site” which acts as a brochure and a persuasive site which becomes a real sales force. Do not talk about yourself, in short, but address the problems or frustrations of prospects.

How does he proceed? First, define the marketing persona (the typical customer). Then, glean all the data that can be found on it thanks to data science and, finally, build an appropriate content strategy. In short, generate lead through clever targeting. This follow-up will be added, which makes it possible to optimize the whole according to the key performance indicators (KPIs). “We can measure everything on the web”, says Sylvain, sure of his method… and of the need to constantly develop it. Fashions change, customers change, algorithms too. This is why he invests part of his budget in his own training. The recent Connected Marketing Master’s degree from IAE Lyon is currently followed by a certification in Data Science from IAE Paris Sorbonne. Experimentation and continuous training.

It should be noted that Sowaycom has designed 2 free tools: a hook generator to make life easier for the community manager or marketing manager, and a persona creator to draw the outlines of his ideal client.

And Why Not Paul?, the inbound marketing strategy consultant who speaks to the people of Marseille

Specialist in SEO, SEA and SMM (social media management), Paul Monnet constructs the message best suited to the defined target. If he manages Google Ads and traffic management, he especially likes to propose medium and long-term strategy. It’s all about getting clean and to avoid too much effort afterwards. Support the leader with tips, effective marketing actions, let him worry about his core business and get support. Produce both breath and performance.

It is an understatement to say that there is strong competition in the sector. By dint of replying to those close to him that it would be him, that it had to be him, if only for his investment, his values ​​of transparency, his intimate, almost carnal knowledge of the business world, Paul turned the question: and why not him? In itself, this is not an argument. But the rhetorical game actually hides an assurance. On closer inspection, this competition that we mentioned is not so fierce. Paul has sharp and rational ambition. Far from fantasizing as a market eater, he prefers to focus on what he knows how to do, what he likes to do and with those he wants to support. Those from the South. The people at home.

Restricted regionalism? Absolutely not. There is commitment, conviction and spite in the face of the lack of visibility for the players in Marseille and its region. There are these VSEs who aspire to become SMEs. There is this advanced liberal medicine. There are those vineyards that deserve attention. And, more generally, when we talk about start-ups, we rarely mention the Marseille women. By displaying his first name, he sends 2 clear signs:

  • it is with him that we will work and not another
  • proximity is a way of being that will translate into commitment

His site is also visually explicit. You can feel the healthy freshness and enthusiasm. But Paul is also a modest who wants to salute the work of La Pointilleuse (illustrator from Marseille) and Hugo Thiphaine, the SXO expert at work under the graphics.

Strategic and operational expertise: the SODIGIX case

Solenn DORSTTER is a French entrepreneur who founded thedigital marketing agency 360° SODIGIX in 2019. Before embarking on this entrepreneurial adventure, Solenn worked for more than ten years as a team lead for various agencies. She has thus acquired a solid experience in digital marketing strategy and has been confronted with many clients who have expressed their disappointment with the lack of coherence between the strategy put in place by the team lead and its implementation by the operational team. Based on this observation, Solenn decided to create SODIGIX, a digital marketing agency that promises its clients that strategy and operations will only be managed by people with strong expertise. This means that clients can expect the same people who design the strategy to also be involved in its implementation, ensuring perfect consistency between the two. SODIGIX offers a full range of digital marketing services, ranging from SEO (natural referencing) to SEA (online advertising) via social networks, email marketing, data analysis, content creation and more. Moreover. The agency’s goal is to help clients achieve their business goals by creating tailored digital marketing strategies and implementing them effectively.

Thanks to its strong expertise and personalized approach, SODIGIX quickly achieved great success. In just two years, the agency has attracted renowned clients and seen its turnover increase significantly. Solenn has also hired a talented and passionate team to help manage the company’s rapid growth. By working with SODIGIX, clients have been able to improve their online presence, reach new audiences and increase their profitability.

Solenn remains committed to making SODIGIX a leading digital marketing agency, by continuing to offer high quality services and staying at the forefront of the latest trends and technologies. She is confident that the agency will continue to help clients achieve their business goals and thrive in an increasingly digital world.

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