#CMontheBeach returns in May to boost your marketing strategy (…)

The event dedicated to Tourism Content Marketing

Organized by the Federation of Provence-Alpes-Côte-d’Azur Tourist Offices with the support of the group of consultants id-rezo and the support of the South Region, the CRT Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur, the Center Expo Congrès de Mandelieu, and Linkeus; #CMonTheBeach returns for the 2nd time to Mandelieu with a great program and a showroom of exhibitors twice as large.

Content Marketing (or content marketing) is an approach based on the creation and distribution of content with high added value. The best way to communicate effectively with your audience by developing your visibility, your brand image and your values.

Content has become an essential component of the marketing of businesses and tourist destinations today.

In a hyper-competitive digital ecosystem, expertise must be fine to perform in this area by making informed choices.

Faced with this challenge, tourism professionals must be innovative and responsive.

#CMonTheBeah is the event dedicated to them. A unique opportunity to meet and discuss to identify new trends and best practices in terms of tourism Content Marketing.

45 workshops over 2 days

This is the heart of #CMonTheBeach. They are numerous, practical, pragmatic, strategic, expert, trendy, fun, useful, inspiring and in different formats:

6 “Expert” Workshops #SEO #SocialMedia #StrategieDMO: long and high-level formats with 50% of the time devoted to the exchange between the participants and the experts who lead.

- 17 “Classic” workshops: 1 hour to dissect a subject, feedback, a benchmark or a specific theme and leave time for discussion.

- 20 “Focus” workshops: short formats of 30 or 45 minutes to explore a specific subject with an expert. or an experienced actor.

- 2 “Round table” workshops: 1h30 to take the time and deepen a fundamental subject.

#CMonTheBeach signature formats in plenary

- The Truth Interviews : 3 personalities who work in content marketing and who agree to perform the quirky interview exercise to give us uncompromising feedback, with humor and sincerity, in plenary on the evening of day 1.

- The “Speech On The Beach” : carte blanche to 2 charismatic experts who develop their visions, their analyzes to make us think differently, the morning of day 2.

- The E-Reputation Trophies : Organized by the CRT Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur with FairGuest, this sequence rewards the best tourist companies in the region under the prism of customer satisfaction.

- A MICE course : A series of workshops in partnership with LINKEUS, spread over the 2 days of the event and which deal specifically with the marketing issues of MICE players.

- A showroom of companies working in Content Marketing : 26 stands spread over the different spaces of the Center Expo Congrès in Mandelieu with plenty of breaks and plenty of coffee over the 2 days, so you can also take the time to chat! (See companies exhibiting at #CMonTheBeach)

An “On The Beach” evening : The festive and convivial moment of the event!

A 2023 program around 3 major axes

#CMonTheBeach unveils its new program rooted in a logic of responsible transition.

Responding to a context marked by crises

The evolution of marketing and tourism communication professions requires regular review and improvement of practices and organizations. The context of climatic, geopolitical, inflationary and HR crises confronts us with new challenges that are often complex, sometimes paradoxical, requiring reactivity and innovation.

Faced with these crises, #CMonTheBeach will try to decipher and provide you with concrete answers in the following workshops:

D11 – The paradoxical injunctions of tourism promotion in the face of climate change.

E15 – How to communicate on its eco-responsible practices and its CSR policy?

D24 – Influencing the eco-responsibility of the traveler during the stay.

E28 – Yield Management: How to communicate on its prices?

D29 – Which marketing to deseasonalise tourism: the example of Nice Côte d’Azur.

M32 – Communicate to recruit in the era of the great resignation.

M37 – Crisis communication: Which methodology and how to adapt?

D39 – Communicating on the carbon footprint, a key issue for tomorrow.

M42 – Website eco-design.

E-43 – What reality behind the “Eco-responsible” label of OTAs?

D44 – How to communicate positively about imposed constraints?

Improve the visibility, relevance and quality of your content

Yes, again and again, the visibility of your content is essential! Otherwise, all your efforts in tourism engineering and improving your offer are useless!

#CMonTheBeach will bring you method, inspiration and tools in the following workshops:

M3 & M8 – CM Expert #1 and #2- Hello! What’s new in social media?

M4 & M9 – SEO Expert #1 and #2- Latest trends: how to gain more traffic?

E5 – Optimize your “Google Establishment Sheet”.

M13 – Develop your natural referencing: we take everything in order!

M18 – The top tourist videos.

M19 – ADS LinkedIn: ad formats that are a hit in BtoB.

M25 – The Top of the best Social Media publications in tourism.

M26 – The Top websites that showcase the tourist experience.

M27 – Ads in re-marketing, is it over?

D30 – TikTok for destinations: strategies and best practices.

M31 – SEO: produce content on the first page of Google.

E33 – Should you use all social networks to promote your business?

E38 – Influence at the service of MICE communication.

M47 – ADS: Content at the service of sales, social selling?

M48 – Presenting your structure or a service on video cannot be improvised!

Reinvent and organize to design and drive ever more demanding marketing

The proliferation of media, the exponential creation of content and the requirement for a fine and relevant marketing response vis-à-vis customer needs are constraining companies and destinations. They often have to reinvent themselves, review their organization to generate the best performance based on the resources at their disposal and the evolution of the market.

#CMonTheBeach will explore the fields of the possible to inspire you in the following workshops:

D1 – DMO Strategy #1 – Commercialization of activities: destinations stronger than OTAs?

D6 – DMO Strategy #2 – Mutualization of web platforms and management of territory brands.

D7 – APIDAE #1 – Stop the neutrality of SIT or how to segment recommendation lists?

D12 – What is the added value of Social Media in tourism today?

M14 – New GDPR applications for a digital revolution!

D16 – Why are travel advisors essential on the web?

D17 – Hérault tourism: website & content strategy.

E20 – Yelloh! Village: feedback on a successful multi-channel content strategy.

M23 – Speech On The Beach.

D34 – How to deal with mobility and roaming on your website?

D35 – Digital monitoring of its destination.

M36 – SOS: How to meet the requirement of massive content creation?

M40 – Content Manager: a job with a future!

M45 – How to use Artificial Intelligence to generate content?

M46 – Metavers and Tourism… Yin or Yang?

To see thecomplete program of the event BY HERE

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