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Attention ChatGPT fans! The artificial intelligence software has unveiled the list of the 10 best French rappers and it’s amazing.

Who doesn’t know ChatGPT yet? The free artificial intelligence software answers all your requests, using millions of data simultaneously. And the answers are sometimes surprising…

ChatGPT, a small revolution

For several months, geeks have taken over ChatGPT. It must be said that the artificial intelligence software is a small revolution in the internet world.

This chatbot, made by the company OpenAI, won the sum of 38,000 euros for a hacker, which is to say the immensity of his talents. Millions of people are already using this AI every day.

Its function is simple. ChatGPT allows everyone, to generate text for meet user needs. And he knows how to do absolutely everything.

For example, he can write for you, make summaries, emails… And the virtual robot can also find inspiration for you, create fictitious texts.

You will have understood it: ChatGPT is therefore able to answer your questions and recognize mistakes. It’s a revolution for many entrepreneurs who can quickly write text for their e-commerce site.

It thus helps developers to find bugs, but it also inspires thousands of hackers, who use this AI to hack data.

The limits of artificial intelligence

Like any self-respecting novelty, the latter has limits. In fact, a hacker recently managed to pocket a large sum of money by setting up a scam with ChatGPT.

The latter claimed to be an ethical hacker. To do this, the latter, who called himself Roni, therefore decided to donate bits of code from a hospital’s PHP library.

So he waited for the AI explain to him how this code works and as a result, it worked. Indeed, ChatGPT revealed everything to the hacker by providing him with the right lines of code.

This very long code thus makes it possible to look up usernames in a database in SQL language. ChatGPT therefore made this hacker happy. Just after a smart guy took over this system to hack Facebook accounts. Malicious use.

Chat GPT provides the list of the best rappers in France

Internet users know it, they can do all the searches they want on ChaGPT. And some music lovers have therefore not hesitated to challenge artificial intelligence.

To do this, the latter therefore asked ChatGPT to provide the list of the best French rappers. The Internet user in question, Raplume therefore questioned the chat and shared the answer on social networks.

And the least we can say is that the end result is surprising. In effect, ChatGPT placed Booba, just behind the rapper Kaaris.

In eighth position, we find Ninho. Just before him, in seventh position, we find Maes, whose latest album, Omerta broke sales records.

Just above him, the Marseille rapper SCH climbs to sixth position. NOS and Ademo, aka PNL, come in fifth place in PNL. Just above, ChatGPT chose to elect Lomepal. The top 3 is occupied by Orelsan, Damso and Nekfeu.

According to ChatGPT, the former member of the group 1995 is therefore the greatest rapper of France. Information that is not intended to be an official classification, but which therefore leaves you wondering.

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