Birth of Dataventure, a new European reference in Data and Performance Marketing

Adventure Conseil and the Cardata group, two players in digital acquisition Data and Performance Marketing, are combining their expertise to create the Dataventure group. This new international entity is aiming for a turnover of 20 million euros for 2023 and already has 70 employees spread over the group’s strategic markets..

From left to right: Boris Bronkhorst – Christine Cazottes – Jérémy Lellouche – Anne Lefort

Driven by a common DNA of performance, expertise and innovation, the merger of these two companies, experts in attracting prospects and generating traffic online and at the point of sale, materializes their ambition to become the European leader in Data and Performance Marketing, thus opening up many internal synergies: sector diversification, multiplication of activation levers, international support for advertisers and expansion of the offer.

Adventure Board, digital agency founded in 2013 and specialized in E-mailing and SMS Marketing on the French market, joined European Digital Group in July 2022 to be part of a virtuous ecosystem beneficial to the acceleration of its activity.

The Cardata group had developed independently since 2010, gradually expanding its solutions and going international in 2018, in particular with the help of a hub in Barcelona. Its Datawork entity covered the needs of advertisers outside the Automotive sector.

Today united under the Dataventure banner, their complementary know-how and their 20 years of combined experience allow them to offer four enhanced offers to advertisers and their media agencies: Data Marketing, Performance Marketing, Local Marketing and PRM Consulting.

Solutions specific to the Automotive sector will continue to be developed under the Cardata brand, which becomes a branch of the Dataventure group and will benefit from its expanded expertise.

By putting the customer relationship at the heart of its development strategy, Dataventure brings together a team of experts who rely on proprietary data assets and GDPR-compliant partners, as well as clean technologies to offer unique expertise in digital acquisition. .

The integration of the teams of the two companies is immediate and organized around the four founders of the new group: Jérémy Lellouche will be in charge of General Management, Anne Lefort of Client Operations and Consulting, Christine Cazottes of Commercial Development with direct advertisers, and Boris Bronkhorst of Product and Technology. The deputy general managers of Cardata, Philippe Laurent and Emmanuel Rodier respectively in charge of Data and Commerce France at Cardata, retain their roles in the new organization.

I am delighted with this merger and our arrival within EDG, which materializes our ambition to become the European leader in Data and Performance Marketing, with two levels of synergies, the results of which we are already seeing. This operation, in a market context conducive to performance marketing, provides us with a unique support capacity in the service of identifying and converting new growth opportunities for brands and their agencies.

Jérémy Lellouche – Managing Director of the Cardata Group.

“So soon after joining the EDG Group, we couldn’t dream of a better association than that with Cardata. United in our vision of digital performance and the quality of support we want to offer advertisers and their agencies, we look forward to continuing our development under the Dataventure banner.”

Anne Lefort – CEO & Co-founder of Adventure Conseil

“The birth of Dataventure is the perfect illustration of the European Digital Group’s mission: Accelerate the digital transformation of our customers by allowing them to benefit from the support of ultra-specialists on each of the levers involved. This union between these 2 benchmark players on the European market, Adventure Conseil, already part of the group since last year, and Cardata, allows us to offer one of the most competitive expertise on the market in terms of digital Data acquisition and Performance Marketing.

Our choice was also based on the human values ​​of the teams, which are in total harmony with those developed at EDG and all the other entrepreneurs in the group. It is very important for all of us to build a whole based on strong expertise but above all a common mindset allowing us to develop new synergies with the other subsidiaries on a daily basis”

Vincent Klingbeil, CEO and co-founder of EDG

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