5 things to know about e-commerce in France

The number of e-commerce sites in France has increased significantly since 2020

Since 2020, the number of e-commerce sites is constantly increasing. While some had opted for this solution to make themselves known, others were forced to follow the trend due to the health crisis.

Due to the advantages provided by this mode of sale, more and more companies are adopting it. It is possible to find companies of all kinds, offering products and services. According to experts, more than 27 000 new online stores are on average created per year.

The French e-commerce market is valued at several billion euros

Since its appearance, the e-commerce market has continued to evolve. Although he got off to a slow start in France, the last few years have seen him gain ground. Today, it is one of the fastest growing industries in the country.

This growth is reflected in increased sales which, according to Fevad, amounts to 112.2 billion euros in 2021 against 57 billion in 2014. During this same year (2021), the organization recorded more than a billion transactions on the various online sales platforms.

It should be noted that according to forecasts, this progression is not about to stop. In effect, between 2021 and 2025, the sector will experience an average increase of 5.24% per year.

More and more mobile purchases

The latest analyzes concerning the evolution of e-commerce in France show an increase in mobile purchases. Indeed, this method of payment represents, according to the balance sheet of electronic commerce, 22% of the turnover made by online sales sites. If you look at the leading platforms, you will notice that this percentage is 35%.

A study found that:

  • 42% of French people use their phone to research products before buying them,

  • 34% of French people buy at least once a month on the internet with their mobile,

  • 48% of French people do their shopping with a mobile phone or tablet.

Food products and clothing are the products that consumers, mostly young, buy most often via their mobile. Also noteworthy is a great breakthrough in shops specializing in creative hobbies such as Creavea.com.

Social networks are widely used in France by e-merchants

Since their appearance, social networks have given another dimension to online sales. Easy and simple to operate, these are appreciated by consumers because of the proximity they create between the seller and the buyer. Aware of the potential they represent, e-merchants do not hesitate to use them.

According to a study by Oxatis/KPMG, nearly 80% of online stores use social networks to sell. On the user side, over 31% of consumers purchased an item through social media. Moreover, among young people aged 18 to 34, this rate rises to 38%. You should also know that since the arrival of networks like TikTok and the expansion of the influencer profession, brands have not lacked the means to make themselves known.

A need to personalize its offers to build customer loyalty

To satisfy their customers and stand out from the competition, companies offer increasingly personalized offers. This trend was very well received by the French, e-merchants recording a 24% increase in orders with a good loyalty strategy: personalized offers, e-mailing, retargeting, etc. Indeed, thanks to personalization, Internet users are more inclined to buy products or services that correspond to their needs.

You are now unbeatable on the e-commerce market in France. A market in constant evolution which still has very good days ahead of it!

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