3 advantages of open source platforms for e-commerce

The search for profit imposes the use of more practical and more economical solutions. This is the case of open source platforms which are of great help to e-merchants in the face of the challenges presented by the market today. Here are some advantages of these platforms.

Integration and scalability

The first of the benefits that make open source platforms the platform of choice is their ability to integrate with multiple systems. Indeed, open source offers the possibility of easily manipulating source code. Thus, it is easier to customize it to adapt it more to your online store and the type of products you put on the market.

Open source platforms like https://dev.planplan.io/ also offer interoperability and flexibility that allows for continuous adaptation. This allows easy integration, even in the most complex scenarios. Note that data may move easily from one system to another, and this, thanks to the respect of the standards. Also, with control over the source code, it is easier to do debugging. This will allow your online store to be always functional and accessible.


With open source platforms, you have the ability to maintain control over many aspects. On the one hand you can keep control on the developments that will be made on the platform and on the other hand on the future of a new developed solution. This way, you have a real-time idea of ​​the changes that are occurring. This therefore allows you to know what resolution to take and how to better direct your sales policy.

Besides, you don’t have to worry about handling sensitive information on open source platforms, because safety is key. In addition, it is possible to audit the source code regularly and quickly correct flaws, without an intermediary.

The Open Source Policy

The open source policy offers online store promoters the possibility of piloting, controlling, supporting and fully developing their online activity. It presents flexible legal obligations allowing you to develop your online business with complete peace of mind. Also, a technological affinity is observed with regard to the programming language and the execution platform. Open source also makes it possible to remove doubts as to the handling and control of the management of your online store on an open source platform.

In addition, the open source policy offers foolproof transparency. This allows it to be considered as a moral and ethical choice. Also, it offers the possibility to everyone to undertake in complete freedom. Also note that many IT decision makers have been trained through open source.

With open source platforms, you can start your activity on a small scale and save money. These types of platforms generate a very low cost of use.

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